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Saturday, October 28, 2017 7:10:05 PM

The changing college paper writing services quad of american education bundelkhand university llb syllabus culture of the 21st century seems to be in a continuous change and its impact on youth education can no longer be ignored. Should education nowadays be a mixture of both formal and informal means' Does Renaissance painting and art, for example, have any meaning in today's educational curriculum' Should education be more close to youth culture by providing subject closer to their life experience, such as the hip-hop culture or graffiti art' The article An F for HIP HOP 101 business management institutes in mumbai tiger Heather Mac Donald tries to find answers to these questions by closely analyzing a new program developed in El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice, a public high school in Brooklyn where writing graffiti is just one of the classes taught in an attempt towards a new, more progressive and youth approachable education scheme. The Hip-Hop 101 course teaches, besides graffiti writing, deejaying, break- dancing and any other forms of contemporaneous youth culture. The reasons for the course are several. First of all, this kind of urban culture is closer to students. Indeed, they see it everywhere in their neighborhood: at school, at home, at parties, on the street, etc. It is omnipresent. For an encounter with Renaissance art or with Baroque architecture or with any other form of culture for that matter, you have to take thesis statement gun controller trip to the Guggenheim or spent a few hours in the library. While with urban and popular culture, it is part of everyday life. Second of all, the culture of graffiti and rap is seen as a suitable form of manifestation that would take students away from anti social behavior and canalize their energy towards different interests. And, as the sustainers of this program argument, why not rap and why not graffiti and why not break-dance' The young spirit can thus openly manifest itself, integrate with the culture it is part of and express itself in any form desired. What would be the scope .

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