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Good country people and those essays Good Country People and Those Who Hate Them In Flannery O'Connor's "Good Country People," the protagonist Hulga, spends her entire adult life doing her best to deny and rebel against her mother's optimistic attitude. Hulga is a highly educated southern woman who lost her leg in an accident at the age of ten and suffers from a heart ailment. Due to these hardships, at thirty-two she still lives with her mother, and is very negative help me do my essay interpersonal relations life. The highly sample cover letter for sales advisor job Hulga feels superior to those around her due to their lack of education and complexity. Hulga has no control over the sample cover letter for sales advisor job emotions she feels, and allows these incidents to shape the remainder of her life. O'Connor uses Hulga to demonstrate how an intense feeling of hostility and intellectual superiority can damage relationships, inhibit intellectual and emotional growth, and blind one to reality. Hulga despises her situation and believes that she is mentally above those around her, therefore, she feels no need to develop her relations with them. There seems to be a symbolic connection the wright institute los angeles her "weak heart" (O'Connor 108) and her lack of emotional attachments. She resents the heart condition that forces her to stay with her mother instead of getting a lecturing job at a university, and she punishes her mother each day by being rude. Hulga, "had made it plain that if it had not been for this condition she would be far from these red hills and good country people" (O'Connor 108). Hulga is unable to conceal the painful emotions, which plague her and keep her from appreciating the good. She seemingly has no interest in men either. According to her mother, she looks at them "as if she could smell their stupidity" (O'Connor 109). This is one reason why Hulga fails to establish emotional ties with family, friends, or lovers. Mrs. Hopewell neither acknowledges Hulga's pain nor makes .

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